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So I'm just remembering it now, and I didn't go to see it. After I go back, I'm slowly recalling it!" Nalan Bingyue Leng Leng looked at Yang Ye, sent a small long time in a daze, so write? Nalan Bingyue also picked up a book and turned it over like Yang Ye, but she couldn't even see the words clearly except looking at the page above,L Methylfolate Factory, how could he remember the things above? Nalan Bingyue turned his head and looked at Yang Ye with a focused face. Perhaps this is also his ability. Speaking of it, he was the first person in the whole continent to become a soul teacher at the age of six. He deserved to be a genius, but sometimes, if he was a genius again, even God would be jealous, so he would be punished! Nalan Bingyue did not make a sound, but sat on Li Ji's big chair, picked up the unfinished Horcrux and looked at it with relish, although she could not understand a lot of things, but she could still understand some of the mysteries. Two hours later, two walls,Theobromine Powder, including books, notes, Horcrux design drawings, and even some discarded waste manuscripts, were all recorded word for word by Yang Ye. Closing the last book in his hand, Yang Ye moved his stiff shoulders, but his face was very satisfied. Stretched a lazy waist, the corner of the eye glanced at the table, but found that Nalan Bingyue did not know when to lie on the table fell asleep, Yang Ye turned his head, looked, moved his feet, gently walked past. The candlelight in the office is very bright, shining on the face of Nalan Bingyue, with milky white luster, skin like congealed fat probably describes her, I do not know who said that the woman in sleep is the most beautiful, and the sleeping Nalan Bingyue, Yang Ye has this feeling. The beautiful face that has blossomed, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Sex Enhancement Powder, without the coldness of camouflage, but like a girlEven the master of soul forging seldom uses it. It can be said that only the master of soul forging often uses it. The second is the technique of forging with a hammer. This method, just like a blacksmith, uses a sledgehammer to roughly process the soul gold, to create a rough mold,Quillaja Saponin, and finally uses the means of forging the soul to carry out the final modification. It is a primary forging technique, but even if it is a primary forging technique, it is not easy to master. pioneer-biotech.com

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